My services are done in 3 independent phases. A separate agreement and billing will be done for each phase.

P1: Analysis

USD 1K+/project

For Analysis Phase

  • Duration: 1-4 Weeks
  • In Phase 1, I do a Requirement Analysis. After this phase, I recommend the whole works be divided into multiple independent projects with tangible tasks lists. The requirements are documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design.

P3: Training

USD 1K+/project

For Training Phase

  • Duration: 1-2 Weeks
  • In Phase 3, I write SOPs and do provide training to your employees for efficient operations. Despite appearing to be just another “unnecessary formality” during the ERP implementation process, employee training is vital and indispensable for the successful implementation of ERP. The time and funds devoted to the training are more than compensated in the long run when your employees are better trained to use the new tool and maximize its effectiveness.

Need a Custom Plan?

I also take responsibility for your special need. We can discuss your specific needs and customise our plans accordingly. To start a dialogue on your special need, please contact me.

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